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Career Opportunities & HSG Philosophy

As with most businesses, the key to our success and our ability to do right by our clients will always be our people. Organizations are often too quick to think of their employees as “resources” or “human capital”, confined to a spreadsheet, ready to be “optimized”.

At Highland Strategy Group, nothing is more important than our people. Our collective success would not be possible without the talent, abilities, and unique perspectives that each individual contributes to our team. From day one, you can expect an inclusive, collegial, and transparent environment. Simply put, when you join Highland Strategy Group, you join a family.

You will find a truly collaborative culture at HSG, light on hierarchy and focused on allowing contributors at all levels to take on meaningful roles on each engagement. You will work with some of the best and brightest to answer nuanced questions for a demanding client base. You will gain exposure to several discrete industries in your time at HSG, as well as develop skills and big-picture thinking ability that will pay dividends as you move forward in your career.

Consulting is demanding. At HSG, we are committed to helping our people thrive both personally and professionally, in and out of the office. Not only do we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, but you also have our personal promise that we will work with every team member to help navigate life events and protect personal time.

We hope you will consider joining our team.

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Working Together

Undergraduate Hires

Summer Associate Consultant – An opportunity for undergraduates to experience strategy consulting. You will work on multiple engagements during your internship, helping clients to execute on investments and strategies.

Associate Consultant – As an Associate, you will work collaboratively with peers and senior leaders to meaningfully contribute to engagements from the scoping process to the final presentation. You’ll have the opportunity to take on significant roles from day one, have exposure to clients, and quickly build an invaluable skillset.

Research Analyst – Analysts play a pivotal role at HSG, quarterbacking the research and data collection process and building the foundation for all of our analysis. The Analyst role provides a great opportunity to explore consulting and build a foundational skillset, functioning as a launchpad for advancement.

Experienced Hires

We are always looking for experienced Research Analysts, Associate Consultants, and Consultants/Managers to aid in our growth and help deliver impactful solutions to our clients. 

We encourage candidates of all experience levels and backgrounds to reach out to learn more about HSG or directly apply for a position. We review every application personally and welcome informal learning sessions. 

Ideal Experience Profiles:

Research Analyst 0-5 years of research experience

Associate Consultant – 1-2 years of consulting or similar experience 

Sr. Associate Consultant – 2-4 years of experience

Consultant & Other  4 years of experience and above

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